Motorola Droid Screen not working properly (not cracked)

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by mls21, Feb 2, 2011.

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    I've had my phone for a little over a year and have had no problems even though it has taken a beating at times (my one year old loves to play with it). But yesterday I was flying, and put the phone in my jacket pocket (with my wallet, keys, etc - which I normally do) and put it through the X-Ray machine. After taking it out, my screen is all screwy. It works, but there's no color, and everything's very light. I can see all the icons, but some are very hard to make out. Text is ok to read, but all you see are the silhouettes of pictures. It looks almost like infrared or something. There's no area on the screen where it appears there was lots of pressure to damage it or anything. Anyone have this problem? Any ideas on if there is a way to fix it? I doubt it, but figured I'd ask.

    And I'm up for a new phone in about 6 months. The phone is usable for now, but I doubt I'll be able to wait that long before getting a new one...
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