Motorola Droid Pro $179, Verizon HTC Merge on Nov 17th?

Discussion in 'Tech News' started by bigu, Nov 4, 2010.

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    Motorola Droid Pro $179, Verizon HTC Merge on Nov 17th? |

    Ummm… eh? That’s all I could say when I saw this supposed pricing sheet for two of Verizon’s newest phones. The Samsung Continuum – according to a shot received by Engadget – will reportedly cost $20 more than the Motorola Droid Pro on contract, which will supposedly be $179. Rebates will probably be involved here, but it’ll still turn out to be cheaper than the Continuum.
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    They’ve also heard that the HTC Merge won’t be launching on November 11th like many of their other devices have been slated for. Instead, those waiting for it could be waiting nearly a week later as Engadget’s source tells them it’ll be dropping November 17th. Anyone else suddenly interested in the Droid Pro?
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    I personally can't wait for the Droid 2 Global now. At first I was all about big 4.3 inch monsters & couldn't wait for the Incredible HD to finally get announced but I thought about it & I need a keyboard on my phone. I thought about the Droid Pro being a current Blackberry user but a few of my friends have the origional Droid & they let me try that out & I just like the way that phone is set up & feels. So yeah the Droid 2 Global will be in my hands a week from today! I'm tempted to get the R2D2 Droid 2 lol we'll see.
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