Motorola Device Manager and stolen phone

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    Hi all!

    My name is Jörgen and I'm from Estonia.
    My lovely XT910 RAZR MAXX was stolen this weekend and ofc I didn't have any anti-theft apps installed. I now found that there is a website called Motorola Device Manager ,where it should be possible to remotely control my Moto, lock it, track it, wipe it and so on. I registred my phone right after the purchase SOMEWHERE on the many Motorola sites (confusingly many) and when I log on HERE, I can see my name and my phone model, IMEI-code and purchase date. But when I log on to Device Manager, it tells me I have no devices associated with my account. Does anyone know, aren't motorola web services connected with each other and I should have registred the phone in Device Manager also before? Has anyone used the Device Manager in practice? And maybe some additional ideas, how to act after the theft? If it's not possible to find it, I'd like to make sure no-one can ever use it: although the device is lost for me forever, maybe it demotivates people to steal others' stuff when they can't use it.
    I know there is an option to add the phone to blacklist at my service provider, which prevents connecting the phone to any carrier's network across my country and Europe.

    All the best from Tallinn, Estonia

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