Motorola Defy+ Rooted BIG PROBLEM -.- Please Help.

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    So how i said i have a Motorola Defy+ . My stupidity made me mess around with system files because Equalizier said i have Another Effect Manager on my phone and it closes.
    I've entered /lib found a file named Effects and my genius brain put me to delete it. After that my stupidity put me to reboot :blink: and :icon_eek: the phone doesn't enter even BootMenu when i try to Turn it On showes Motorola Logo and it's like freezing it doesnt do a thing just stays on with the Logo on Screen.

    Is there anyway to get to his system from PC . The PC doesnt Read the SdCard. It's just connected but maybe some program of some sort can get in there with the phone turned off. So i can get the system out of there and replace it with a new one.

    Like my title says Droid Newbie , maybe 1 day getting experience around here will provide answers.

    6 PM : Actualy i think it's broken for good now i can't even access boat loader -.- . Tryed something from other site's and made it worse it's just a dead phone that doesnt turn on . I still have it in Guaranty will they be abble to fix it -.-?
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