Motorola Battery Cover with Kevlar Styling Pops Up - Maybe the Moto X+1?

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Jul 18, 2014.

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    What do you think? Could this be the back cover for the Moto X+1? It just leaked online on the HellomotoHK Facebook page. The above image was color-corrected and reposted by the folks at Phandroid.

    We can definitely see that Kevlar material (or styling) woven into the design, and this is obviously reminiscent of the Motorola devices of yore. What's odd about this back cover is the extra hole in the design? Could this be a new feature of the device this will be paired with, or simply a placeholder spot for a logo emblem?

    Ultimately, this mysterious leak leaves us with more questions than answers. Share your opinion.