Motopocalypse Will Unlock Your Razr HD , Razr Maxx HD, and Razr M Devices Again!

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    With the release of the new towelroot method it is being reported that folks with older Motorola devices are once again able to unlock their bootloaders with the previously used method by DjrBliss "Motopocalypse". It has been confirmed to be working on the Razr HD, Maxx HD, and Razr M. It was thought that this method may also work on the Moto X since their builds are pretty much 90% identical. However I can say that it did not work on my Moto X. This could be because you have to use the new PIE root to root the Moto X which does not include the removal of write protection. Since it is not full root this may be the reason that I was unable to get Motopocalypse to work for my Moto X. If you have an older version of root that includes write protection disable by all means give it a try. My Moto X was able to boot just fine after running the script and it did no damage.

    This method is actually pretty simple. You would go to and grab the towelroot app. Root your device. Then head to the source link to grab Motopocalypse. Unzip Motopocalypse and click run.bat to launch the bootloader unlocking script which will do all the work for you. At the end of the script it will boot you into fastboot where you can verify whether or not it worked.

    Download Motopocalypse
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