MotoChopper by @DjrBliss ROOTS Another Device, Xperia Tablet S Jelly Bean Rooted!

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    If you are a proud owner of the Xperia Tablet S and you have updated to Jelly Bean then you are probably with out root! No worries xxliftsupxx noticed that the Xperia Tablet S runs the same kernel as the Asus Transformer which was rooted with Motochopper. Motochopper probably sounds familiar to you as it is the current root method for the RAZR HD series of devices as well as the Galaxy S4! Now Dan Rosenberg the developer of MotoChopper can add another Rooted device to his cap.

    MotoChopper has to be one of the easiest methods of rooting a device. You simply download the file, extract it, then double click and follow the directions. If you need to root any of the aforementioned devices head to the source link below and grab MotoChopper.

    Via XDA
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