motocast / music help: is music uploaded via wifi only avaiable on that home network?

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    Hi there, apologize for the newbie question but couldn't find this exact answer...

    I downloaded motocast and it all worked well, allowed me to upload (via wifi) songs from my itunes on mac to my droid razr.

    but... are these songs only available when i'm on my HOME wifi network (i.e. basically at home)? I don't think i really understand the point if so (when i'm at home i have all my music already). I was hoping tht it would let me play these songs when i'm running (using cardiotrainer for droid). I also see that i have both a music app and a "my music" app - is there a difference?

    is there a better way to do this - besides just uploading all my music directly to the phone? (which I think i've been able to do but not quite sure...) google music?

    thanks in advance for your help!

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