Moto Rep convo regarding failed "update". Very humorous.

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    Humorous conversation between myself and a Motorola rep in regards to the unsuccessful "update" on Droid RAZR:
    [​IMG] Claire: Hi, my name is Claire. How may I help you?
    [​IMG] Rob: Hello, Claire. I was just speaking with a "Romella" when I became disconnected.
    [​IMG] Rob: I don't know if there is anyway to re-establish a chat session with her of if I will need to start over with you.
    [​IMG] Claire: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Please know that I will be doing my best to help you with your concern.
    [​IMG] Claire: I'll be glad to help you with this concern.
    [​IMG] Claire: May I know the issue that you're having on he device?
    [​IMG] Rob: Ok, as I was telling her. I received an update notification on my device. It seemingly "timed-out" after I turned on my Wi-Fi
    [​IMG] Rob: So I rebooted, checked up updates, and it said my device was "up to date".
    [​IMG] Claire: Let me check this in our system. One moment, please.
    [​IMG] Rob: As I told Romella, there are many reports from the Android community of a newly released Jelly Bean OS (that being the before mentioned update). I'm just curious as to what happened and why I can no longer receive the update.
    [​IMG] Claire: We apologize for this delay.
    [​IMG] Claire: I'm currently checking if there's an available update on the phone.
    [​IMG] Claire: Please bear with me.
    [​IMG] Rob: No worries.
    [​IMG] Claire: Thank you.
    [​IMG] Claire: Thank you for patiently waiting.
    [​IMG] Rob: By the way, I have looked at the chart specifying the anticipated releases for OS updates around the globe. I know that it doesn't say WHEN there will be an update - it's just weird that so many are reporting it now. Even more strange that it showed on my phone - then just disappeared.
    [​IMG] Rob: You're welcome.
    [​IMG] Claire: The software on the device is up to date.
    [​IMG] Claire: The Jelly Bean software update is not yet available on this device.
    [​IMG] Claire: You may check our Motorola Owner’s Forum website [​IMG] for updates and information for your device.
    [​IMG] Rob: Claire, I know that's what is being "said". If that is the case, why do so many RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean update?
    [​IMG] Rob: As I said, I've seen the chart.
    [​IMG] Rob: And if my device was up to date. Why did I receive a notification and ATTEMPTED download of new OTA software?
    [​IMG] Claire: The Jelly Bean update is already available for Droid Razr HD and Droid Razr Maxx HD.
    [​IMG] Claire: There would be a possibility that it is one of the updates for your downloaded applications.
    [​IMG] Rob: I know this. These are RAZR (not Maxx or HD) users reporting thise.
    [​IMG] Rob: I don't think so. This was a software update with the same build number as the Jelly Bean OS
    [​IMG] Claire: I apologize but we cannot push the update because it is not yet available.
    [​IMG] Rob: Oh, Claire. Are you covering up for a Motorola mistake?
    [​IMG] Claire: Nope, we''ll be glad to send the update once it becomes available.
    [​IMG] Rob: And that would be wonderful. Seems like such a great update. It just doesn't answer the question as to why Droid RAZR (not Maxx or HD) now have this update.
    [​IMG] Claire: Your device will be upgraded to Jelly Bean software but we do not have the exact date yet for its availability.
    [​IMG] Claire: Please check our Motorola Owner’s Forum website [​IMG] for updates and information for your device.
    [​IMG] Rob: You've been saying this in numerous forms as well as constantly trying to direct me to that chart (c'mon, Claire, I already told you I've seen it). Yet, you still can't seem to tell me why other Droid RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean OS.
    [​IMG] Claire: Is there anything else?
    [​IMG] Rob: Yes, my question is still not answered.
    [​IMG] Rob: Yet, you still can't seem to tell me why other Droid RAZR users now have the Jelly Bean OS.
    [​IMG] Claire: The Jelly Bean software update is not yet available for Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR Maxx users.
    [​IMG] Rob: I guess I'll roll over for you and let you off the hook. You obviously don't know or aren't allowed to admit that there are RAZR users out there with the update.
    [​IMG] Claire: We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    [​IMG] Rob: Thanks for your concern. Have a wonderful day and a Merry Christmas, Claire.
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    Yup it was a moto fail. Accidental release. Either way the file is out there now.

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    One of the community devs got a hold of it anyways, so it be long before its posted and OG RAZR owners can flash the .zip manually.
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