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    I ran into a problem a few days ago. I noticed the rapid charger that came with my moto window mount would only charge my phone to 90% I taken it back to best buy as I have only had the charger for a few days and they would of replaced it. I instead wanted to know if that was normal that the charger only went to 90% as some rapid chargers will only charge so much as to prevent the battery from being damaged. i went to motos online live chat with a tech. This is what got me. All I had was my word that I bought a rapid charger and what it was doing. The moto tech sent me one via Fedx. Motorola is obvious a company that wants customers to be be happy. I was in the Army and used motorola equipment. i have been both a Fire Fighter and a Police officer and used motorola equipment. They have never let me down. I know this is way left field but I am thinking of calling my broker and buying some stock in moto. A few seconds ago my rapid charger arrived. The tech thought it may be the charger that is malfunctioning. He told me no charge for the replacement and that if the problem was not resolved with the new charger. Come on back to the live chat and he will go from there. That is really customer serivice to not only have email or an 800 number to cal but also have live chat. Moto knows what they are doing, they have my $$$:icon_ banana: btw this icon is so funny, got to love family guy heehhe
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