Moto 'M' Colorized for your viewing pleasure

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    These are boot logos to replace the Motorola 'M' at the start of the boot process. They are in SBF format and must be flashed with RSDLite. Also, these are for the Droid 1 only. I may try to get someone who can make them for the DX/D2 and post them over in the appropriate forum.

    MotoCache1 made a tutorial,

    These are just the basic colors labeled in their hex color code. If anyone wants another color, feel free to request with the RGB, hex, or common name, i.e. "royal purple," and I will try to make another one. I encourage anyone else who knows how to make these to help fill requests. I can provide my source PSD for PhotoShop users by request.

    Thanks to Shibbey for his

    There are individual previews in the archives. The inverted ones' background color fills the entire screen, leaving only the negative image of the Moto M in black.


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