Moto G Recieves First Ever Official Nightly CM 11 Build!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Feb 19, 2014.

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    When the Moto G was announced a few months back it was basically a steal. It housed basically all of the Moto X internals with a smaller shell and screen, but at half the price! I had to grab an unlocked version at that price point. The Moto G is by far one of the best bargain phones ever, and now it has its very own official build of Cyanogen Mod 11. Motorola has done an amazing job of keeping their devices, even the Moto G, up to date with the latest versions of Android. While you may already be able to get official Kit Kat on your Moto G it is still fun to flash roms if for nothing more than adding a bit of variety to your life. Dhacker made his announcement late last night that the Moto G Kit Kat build was in the pipeline and would be showing up shortly. This morning the official build was added to Official builds generally mean that most of the bugs that would keep the rom from being a daily driver IE camera, bluetooth, wifi, gps ect are all in working order. It should still be noted that these are just nightly builds and there will still be bugs here and there until a stable build is released. Head to the source link below for the download.

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