Moto G is Most Successful Motorola Phone Ever; Boosts Moto's UK Market Up to 6%

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    Here are some interesting Motorola statistics to share with you guys today. This is actually a combination story, including stats from the end of last week that we didn't get a chance to post and some new stats posted today. Apparently, the Moto G has been a monster success for Motorola. In fact, sales of the Moto G have been the largest in the history of the company.

    This was primarily fueled by excellent market penetration in India, but not limited to that market. Motorola Vice President Magnus Ahlqvist had this to say,

    Beyond the phenomenal success in India, sales of the Moto G have been remarkable elsewhere too. Another stellar example is in the UK, where the Moto G has helped Motorola rise from a practically non-existent marketshare to 6% of the market in a few short months. Here's a quote with additional details regarding the Moto G's success in the UK,

    It makes sense that the Moto G would be a great success. It's a solid device at a very affordable off contract price. In places where 4G LTE is not the norm, it is the top dog when it comes to affordability and its price to performance/quality ratio.

    What do you wanna bet that execs at Lenovo are patting each other on the back right now? :)

    Source: KantarWorldPanel
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    I think the price is a huge factor here. If my kids were old enough for cell phones it would be the one I'd buy for them. Lack of LTE could be a good thing for them =D.

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    As a parent of a 12 Yr. old son, but one that has ADHD also, his activities would range with constant downloads and games, to just playing with the phone, since he is immature for his age, he sees the world quite differently than most kids his age, which is a huge reason he has not matured enough to have a phone. We tried this a couple of years ago, and in the year he had the simple flip-type phone, all he did was play with the sounds, ringtones and the voice recorder. Rarely called on it, even friends he knew. He preferred to play with it and viewed it as a toy, not a tool.
    But since we bought a pair of the Moto-G phones, we have loved the ease of use, adequate storage(I have uploaded and stored 758 pics as of this typing), and the cameras are fairly well balanced between the selfie imager and the main shooter, the white balance is good also. The image stabilization is not all that great though, a little movement blurs the shot, especially if you are taking a picture at the moment your hand moves, the image gets blurred, so a do-over is necessary! LTE is not a needed where we call from, and 3G works quite fast enough for everything. Solid signals on 3G and the WiFi is really up to par with even the N7 tablet I have. Both cell service and WiFi have adequate front ends (receivers) so we have not dropped a call, or lost packets of data on WiFi either. The earpiece volume does suffer in high ambient noise areas, as does the display in bright, Arizona sunshine.
    I may need to 'box' the phone during afternoon hikes, as the sun is harsh on seeing what is displayed on the screen, but a simple tree cures that, or a cactus if so inclined.
    I made the wrong assumption when connecting it to my little Chromebook though, the USB connection was set to MTP for file transfers, but the Chromebook also drew power FROM my phone, draining it in under an hour, so if you have a Chromebook C710, keep an eye on your battery status!
    I will have to study this oddity in greater detail, it doesn't seem right to have a drain on the phone's battery to the computer, but this is what happened.
    Use of WiFi at home is grat, and using apps like Mighty Text and Groove IP. Mighty Text is great, it messages my computer as well as my phone, so I don't even need to respond to the phone, just have an active WiFi connection, and Mighty Text active, and you are all set. The Moto-G is also simple to interface with printing apps like HP, and the link is fast and printing is almost instantaneous to boot. None of the local stores currently carry the Moto-G, and it puzzles me that China-Mart wasn't carrying them, either. Although they had those silly looking pastel-colored Apple iPhones in ready supply. If Tracfone or Straight talk doesn't offer them, I assume China-Mart will not carry them as they are not an authorized secondary carrier, or whatever the actual reason is, matters not.
    All in all, the Moto-G has been a flawless performer, and all the way from WI. to AZ., it was used extensively to send pics to friends across the nation while we were on the road.
    I get picture happy and feel the need to snap pics with both my main shooter, then the phone, which is exactly what I did. I took 240 shots in Tucumcari, NM, at the museum there, and several in Iowa, Mo. KS, and NB, including TX. Amarillo was fun, I was even 'war-driving' scanning open WiFi systems, just not having the desire to connect, I was receiving WiFi in many cities and towns along the way. Super cool the phone's WiFi is as sensitive as it
    That's my take on the phone, it is worth every penny of the $100.00 you spend on it, it does a far better job than a few others we have tried, and the cost will not break your bank.

    Okay, I did the SAME THING...connected the phone to the computer, and the phone is almost dead! No more photo transfers in this manner.
    So you will not see the images taken by the phone, it is not advantageous to perform this task in this manner. Phone went from 78% charge to 6% charge..
    Chromebook is fully idea WHAT causes this problem.
    Swapping USB connection types does nothing to stop the drain...Grrr!
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    Smartphones are very close to being commoditized. I push my phone to the limits because I can, but quite honestly my Rezound is still rock-solid. To be honest, my phone is set-up with a bunch of stuff I don't need or use. I really don't need anything more powerful than a Rezound, and will probably save my money to upgrade my computer or maybe get a tablet next.