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    I have a new Maxx HD. I have Rings Extended installed to allow me to pick ring tones from my SD card rather than from the phone's internal memory. In my haste to set up the phone I clicked the Always Use option while selecting a tone from the internal memory. Now my sound picker is locked to the internal memory and I no longer have the option to choose from the internal memory or to use Rings Extended to browse for a tone on the SD card.

    I tried copying my external rings tones (*.mp3) from my SD card to a internal folder called Ring Tones thinking that the sound picker would look there. This resulted in each of the sound files being duplicated so that when I browse the list there are duplicate files.

    What I really want to do is to use a external sound file for a notification tone in the SMS app. This was easy on my my D2G.

    Q: Does anyone know how I can reset my sound picker so I once again will be able to select from the internal sounds or a sound on the SD card?

    Q: If I can't reset the sound picker where should I move my external sounds so that they will appear on the default sound picker?
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