Moto Droid 4 + Cricket + Hotspot Tethering

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    Greetings fellow Droidians! I have a Motorola Droid 4 that I personally flashed over to Cricket Wireless. Everything works on the phone; talk, sms, mms, and 3G mobile data. What I would like to get working is mobile hotspot / tethering so that I can share my phone's 3G connection with other devices. Thus far I've been able to somewhat do this with PdaNet over bluetooth however it's a bit inept since some apps don't detect the internet connection and the app has to be installed on both devices . I'm looking at the possibility of allowing a device which doesn't support the PdaNet app to connect either via bluetooth ICS or Wifi Hotspot mode. One glaring issue I've run into time and time again is that since my phone is meant for Verizon whenever I use an app to try out wifi tethering I get a Network Connection Error stating that it's unable to connect with Verizon's servers. Thus far I've tried a plethora of apps from the Play store and most are just fancy user interfaces for the settings already found on the phone so they don't help at all. The elite few who try to bypass the default mobile hotspot settings built into the phone haven't worked except for PdaNet which again only offers limited usage.

    Any suggestions on how I might achieve my goal of tethering my flashed phone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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