Morphees: Cutting Edge Flexible Smartphone Concepts of the Future

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    Flexible screen tech has been bandied about for about two years now, but for the most part the technology has eluded the final piece of the puzzle that would make it mass-market viable. Once they work out those kinks, the future of bendable devices could be much stranger than you thought. How does a “self-actuated flexible mobile device" that alters its own shape on the fly sound to you? A team of researchers at the University of Bristol and DFKI Saarbrücken are working on such devices and the results of their ideas and work are both impressive and bizarre.

    They are calling them Morphees, and they may do a great deal more than just fold open. Here's a quote with a description,

    Above is a video demo of the concepts described here. Who knows if any of these ideas will ever make it into retail devices, but regardless, sometimes the best ideas scientists come up with happen while researching something else.

    Sidenote: I can just imagine how creepy this would be if it malfunctioned in your pocket and started wiggling around. :icon_eek:

    Source: SlashGear & Morphees.pdf
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