More Details Are Revealed for LG's G Watch: Water-Resistant, Always On & More

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    Even more details have been revealed for LG's foray into the smartwatch world with the G Watch. They have a new website for the device now.

    As you can see from one of the pics from the website (shown above), it has an elegant design that is described by LG as being "timeless." It will come in "stealth black" or "champagne gold," and has a number of intriguing features. For example, it has a screen that never sleeps (is basically always on) so that you can give it voice-commands using Google Now. On top of this we also find out that it will be "water and dust resistant."

    The website doesn't reveal much else except for the typical marketing-speak, extolling the virtues of the device. We have heard previous rumors that the device might come as early as July for a price less than $300 USD. We will continue to keep you informed regarding the LG G Watch. In the mean-time, check out the LG website below.

    Source: LG