More Details are Revealed about HTC's Upcoming Smartwatch & More

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Yesterday was a busy day at HQ in the afternoon, so we didn't quite get to one last story of the day. HTC is planning to launch their own smartwatch competitor to the Galaxy Gear. They are also apparently coming out with a new tablet which they claim will be "disruptive." Today, more details were released by Bloomberg on HTC's plans. We are taking this as an opportunity to share the news for those who might be interested.

    As business has continued to deteriorate for HTC, they are grasping at straws for any opportunity to get a product to gain headway in the market. Their newest efforts will be this smartwatch device and tablet. While we won't comment on the tablet, because that is simply too bold of a statement to be credible, we can share Bloomberg's news on the smartwatch. Here's a quote with a bit more,

    Here's another quote from CEO Peter Chou in a BGR article,

    What do you guys think? One, can HTC really make a tablet that is truly "disruptive?" Also, will a smartwatch from HTC get your attention?

    Source: Bloomberg
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    As a new HTC One owner (read: I now enthusiastically grasp straws!) I think I see something hopeful in Chou's statement. I won't repeat here the prognostications I've already made on the forum, but just reiterate that (a) I don't think smartwatch-as-cellphone-satellite-display is the right direction to go, but (b) rather smartwatch-as-Fitbit-on-steroids, that is, as a device that tracks and manages as much biometric data as possible. So I'm hoping that is what Chou means, because the smartwatch concepts we've seen so far have been pretty dumbwatch concepts if you ask me.