Month 11 of 12: We are on the home stretch.

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    Nexus 6P is arriving on door steps, V10 is making its way to Verizon, and the Turbo 2 is ready for purchase. First off if you are still trying to figure out what phone to get you or a loved one for Christmas, make sure to stay tuned to our News Section as both @dgstorm, @DroidModderX , and other staff members drop various threads about the top devices on the market.

    I don't think anyone would have thought we would be praising a Droid device for thinking outside the box. This year it felt like phone manufacturers pushed for making the thinnest phablet like device with the most specs. For the market or people wanting larger phones this is a dream year. Unfortunately for those who are tired of only being able to get a smaller device with mid tiered specs, this is not your year. Playing with the Turbo 2 at Verizon, I now know what I want in a phone. I want a device in a package similar to the Turbo 2, large battery, decent screen, decent camera, smaller than a phablet, and most of all a phone I do not have to worry about the screen. The Droid was not the first to do this as Samsung been doing this for the past few years with the active, Casio with the G'Zone, and companies like Caterpillar their phones. What made the Turbo stand out is it is a device that an enthusiast would actually use. Hopefully next year the focus will be to continue the trend of making a device that is durable as well as perform.

    We are still awaiting the BB Priv, as I hope this device performs well. As I said in another thread, android is starting to get stale to me and I am hoping we continue to see a healthy stretch of ideas vs everyone releasing a big phone. Do I think that the demand for a slider will be on par with that of a Note, no but there is a demand. I know people still holding on to the Droid 3 because they do not want an all touch screen phone. Just because I may not want a slider does not mean I speak for the market and vice verse. I say build it and let the market speak.

    We still have 2 months to go and there is still enough time for us to be surprised. We still need more hands on with the 6P, V10, and the Turbo 2 before we are ready to determine the device of the year. But Samsung right now is feeling the 6P on their heels.

    As we are near the end of 2015 I grow excited about 2016 and can not wait for CES 2016 and MWC 2016. Until then keep posting about what you want in a device. Hey you never know one day you may look up to see such device is in the making.
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