"Mont as drive" XP hates me

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    At work I run Win XP (32 bit) and at home I run Win7.
    Previously at work i had no problem mounting my Dinc as a drive and transferring my files back and forth. But due to a blown speaker I got my replacement Dinc while at work and backed up all my pictures, music, ect to my work computer. I do a factory reset on the old phone, start the programming on the new on, then after that I get my Froyo update. Sweet, new (refurbished) phone and some new Froyo goodness to go with it. BUT now I can't mount it as a drive and get all my old files from my work pc. I can take it home and mount it with my Mini with THE SAME CORD and transfer files. BUT it had to load new drivers to my Mini (I've connected the old phone to that PC multiple times too).

    Random info: When I select "mount as drive" at work it really messes with my PC, it will keep programs from launching and rob system resources like MAD until I unplug it (not just changing it to charge only). When I hooked it up to my Mini at home I have no service & no network or internet. So any drivers it sorced were on the phone or already in Win7. Old phone was rooted then unrooted, never got Froyo. New phone will not be rooted since I can manipulate the new hotspot and use it for free.

    So my basic question... why does XP hate me and my new Dinc, I want my old files :blink: