Monster Theme For New cyan 6.0.0rc1

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    Here is the monster theme for the new release of cyanogen 6.0.0rc1. Sorry there was so many updates, it was pretty much my first theming cyanogen. Had trouble with the launcher and google apps!(7/20/10)Fast

    Color code for the clock and notifications (1dff0b)

    Fixed the launcher Finally (updated themed froyo launcher3d)
    Themed Pandora
    Themed Facebook
    Themed Music
    Themed Maps

    CyanogenMod 6.0.0 Rc-1

    Monster Wall Paper (updated 7/19/10)

    Installation Instructions
    -Simply Download files from here
    -Drop in root folder of sdcard
    -If on sprecovery rename as and install
    -If on Clockwork use rom manager to install zip from sdcard

    -Wipe Data and Cache suggested if coming from another rom

    -Or simply download in rom manager!
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