[MODULE] YourTube Gives You The Ability To Open Youtube App At Any Page You Choose

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    As of late youtube is all about discovery and helping you find content you may have never searched for or found on your own. Years ago Youtube was all about subscriptions. When you launched youtube you were presented with your subscriptions and you would see every video that was uploaded by these channels. Now days you are presented with a "What to watch" screen when you first arrive whether through the app or the site. This is good for most folks as it gives you some videos from your subscriptions plus random videos that youtube thinks you may like.

    As a creator, when i first launch the youtube app I normally first go swipe the left edge over and go to My subscriptions, once im caught up on those i will generally go and check my uploads. Not everyone is ok with the default youtube setting and if you are like me you normally don't even pay much attention to the "what to watch" screen. Developer "Germainz" has released an xposed module which allows you to choose which screen you would like to land on when you launch the youtube app. This does require that you be rooted and that you are running the xposed framework. More info and the download link can be found at the link below.

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