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    Hello to all of you!

    So here is the story. For pretty long time we’ve been interested in solving the problem of people forgetting their business cards. We mean forgetting both - their own business cards that could be shared with others and also forgetting cards of other people. How many times you had this: You are somewhere in the city center, you’d like to contact someone who you don’t keep in your phone contacts, and you’d like to use this person’s business card, that you’ve got in the past... And somehow it stayed at home...

    So that’s how we’ve got the idea of creating the system of digital cards called It’s available as Android and iOS app. This is how it looks

    And what do you gain by using the app:

    * You never ever forget your business card (or you can call it ‘personal’ card), and you can share it at any time
    * You can keep all your contacts (personal, business, etc.) in one place. It’s not only a contact list, because it lets you do much more. Example? You can find your contact on a map with only one touch!
    * In a PRO version (that we will give you free for one year) you can also create groups i.e for employees in a company

    What do we ask you to do? You know, after every app is done it needs to be tested. And so should be this one. We would like to ask you to check it out. Simply download it from
    and give us your feedback. In exchange we will let you use the PRO version for 1 year free of charge!