Modern Conflict v1.1.2

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    Modern Conflict v1.1.2
    Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
    Overview: The nation you belong to is envolved in a war. You have to manage the national army over the battlefield in order to conquer as many headquarters as you can. It's basically a strategy game in which what matters is managing your resources (units, helicopters and tanks) efficiently, by conquering enemy's army bases, producing more tanks and sending them to invade new areas.
    Modern Conflict is FREE simple but incredibly addictive strategy game. Tap to select units and then tap to send them into battle. Repeat until you win! If you lose, just rethink your strategy and try again. You’ll keep coming back as it’s so easy to have just one more go!

    ONE-TOUCH REAL-TIME STRATEGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS An interactive tutorial introduces intuitive controls, while missions gradually increase in difficulty!

    BATTLE ACROSS THE GLOBE IN AN ADDICTIVE CAMPAIGN MODE Engage in missions across America, Russia and China!

    A NEVERENDING STRATEGIC CHALLENGE Play missions with increasingly numerous strategic opponents!

    POWERFUL UNITS AND EXPLOSIVE ABILITIES Including air strikes, reinforcements and many more!

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