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    Before you read too far into this you should know that this mod is meant to increase the number of charge cycles your Nexus 7 tablet will be able to handle over the course of it's life time. This is not a mod to increase the battery life of each charge. That being said we all love the sleekness we get from a phone that has a non removable battery. The only downside to this is that you are not able to simply replace your battery once it dies. This can be a real concern when buying tablets. Most of you replace your phones every two years when your contract expires and it is time to renew which is perfect since this is about the time that most batteries go dead. Tablets however could be purchased to last much longer, but a dead battery would render your tablet useless.

    Developer "tni.andro" has developed a mod to solve this problem. This mod is a kernel patch that allows you to control the voltage of the battery. Lowering the voltage will normally increase the battery cycle life by double 2x for every 0.1v. This sounds like a no brainer, make the mod and your device last essentially twice as long. There is a major drawback to this. When you lower the voltage you are actually lowering the total capacity of the battery. Meaning that if you lower the voltage by 0.1v your battery could last twice as long overall, but each charge would only be about 93% of a full charge. With every 0.1v reduction the battery capacity shrinks further. If the capacity loss is worth it to you head to the link below for the download and instructions.

    Via XDA

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