[MOD][EB01] Reworked QuickPanel

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    All credit goes to bendbowden over at XDA for the mod.....Enjoy

    Orig link: [MOD][EB01] Reworked QuickPanel - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD][EB01] Reworked QuickPanel
    I put this together for my theme, but I figured I would share a stock version for those who don't do themes or might want to use it as a base for their theme/rom. I edited the text below the mobile data and auto rotation icons to read "Data" and "Rotation" so that everything would fit neatly on one line. All that was edited was the twframework-res.apk so feel free to flash the zip over your deodexed rom (even if you have applied an accurate battery/reboot options mod). You probably will not want to flash it over a theme, as it will change most of the expanded statusbar (minus a few .pngs that are dependent on the framework-res.apk).

    Big thanks to DtachD for helping me sort out an issue with the padding.

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