[MOD] EB01 accurate battery and deBinged browser

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    All credit goes to ChrisDDD over at XDA for the hack/mods....

    Orig link: [MOD] EB01 accurate battery and deBinged browser - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD] EB01 accurate battery and deBinged browser
    Hey everyone, just thought I'd share a few thing I put together for EB01.

    The first is my modified framework that shows the accurate battery for both discharging AND charging. In pre-froyo, there seemed to be some sort of bug in how the charging battery status was reported to, or read by, the icon in the notification bar. It always seemed to be stuck at about 30%. That seemes to have been fixed in 2.2, so I was able to get 1% increment charging icons working. Here's what it looks like - when charging, the battery changes to a plug and shows the accurate level:


    Here's both the modded framework (flash it with Clockwork) and the stock framework should any issues arise.


    Next is my de-Binged browser. Default search engine is set to Google, home page is set to Google, soft search button and address bar searches go to Google and all Verizon bookmarks have been removed.

    This is a deodexed browser, so if you happen to be using an odexed rom, you'll probably need to manually delete the Browser.odex file from /system/app. Also, you might want to go into Settings>Applications>Manage applications and do a clear data from the browser before flashing this just to make sure the Binged browser isn't leaving anything behind.

    Here's the files, again, my modded one and the stock browser should you run into any issues and want/need to revert.


    Please report back if this works for 'ya.
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