[MOD][EB01][4/11] 6 Lockscreens **Beta2**

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    All credit goes to sbrissen over at XDA for his hard work on the Fascinate....

    Orig link: [MOD][EB01][4/11] 6 Lockscreens **Beta2** - xda-developers

    [​IMG] [MOD][EB01][4/11] 6 Lockscreens **Beta2**
    See Last post for the Test file

    6 Lockscreens: Puzzle, Glass, AOSP, Epic, Rotary, and 4 tab

    Mods Included: 6 Lockscreens, Clock Options, Reboot/Power Options/Accurate Battery (or non), Music controls from Android lockscreens,
    Files affected: Framework-res.apk, framework.jar, android.policy.jar, Settings.apk, Lockscreensettings.apk and services.jar

    Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for bad things that happen as a result of flashing this.
    Flashing this will overwrite your current theme

    This has been tested on a stock DEODEXED rom. if you are not deodexed flash at your own risk.
    Update: 4/11
    -Reboots seemed to be fixed in this version (this is the same package as the test one)
    Update: 4/5
    Beta2: Bugfixes - I recommend wiping Dalvik Cache
    -4tab hot reboots fixed (hopefully)
    -Rotary music controls fixed
    -AOSP gesture overlay removed for now
    Update: 3/17 - See Beta Note below
    -4tab lockscreen added
    --Includes a phone tab and user customizable tab (see screen below)
    --TSM tab is customizable (TeamSBrissenMod :) )
    -Lockscreen Settings app added (Modified CM lockscreen app)
    --Add Music controls all the time or disable them all together
    --Select lockscreen app for 4tab
    --Display Settings no longer needed but lockscreens can still be selected from it (except 4tab)
    -Hopfully fixed random reboots from AOSP lock (thanks to notta)
    -Music control button backgrounds transparent
    -Settings.apk not included in zip so it will not overwrite Adrynalyne's DUN and wake mods
    Update: 3/9
    --Fixed rotary lock being chopped off at top (thanks mastamoon for pointing out)
    --Fixed tab lock images (thanks jk0l)
    --Changed Reboot/Recov/Download icons (thanks bendowden)
    Update: 3/8
    -Added music controls to Rotary lock AND Aosp Lock (see attached screenshot)
    --Controls will only show when music is already playing
    --Tested with Samsung music player and Motorola player but should work with most
    Update: 3/2
    -Removed Data Throttling due to some people having issues with data
    Update: 2/28 - links updated
    -Removed "Verizon Wireless" from status bar dropdown (credit to Admer for his services.jar edits)
    -disabled menu button unlock for all lockscreens
    Update: 2/26
    - Fixed Clock Options so Hide Clock no longer requires a reboot *All links updated*
    Update: 2/24
    - Mod Phone to remove puzzle answer, all lockscreens will use aosp answer
    ----- Made as a separate CWM flash incase anyone actually likes the puzzle
    Update: 2/23
    - Added clock options (hide am/pm / hide clock) to settings menu **see image attachments
    ----- the "Hide Clock" setting requires a reboot once checked/unchecked
    ----- the "Hide Clock" setting will override "Hide AM/PM"
    ----- Hide AM/PM works reguardless of font and 24hour clock is not affected :)
    Update: 2/19
    - removed carrier from all lockscreens including pin/password/pattern (don't remember if it showed for these but carrier was listed in the layout files).

    Beta Notes:
    -First off THIS IS BETA so be warned.
    -Gestures do not work....yet though you can look through the settings and create them, they will do nothing on the lockscreens.
    -Disable Unlock Slider option in Lockscreen settings does nothing, just haven't had a chance to remove it. Same goes for the Team SBrissen checkbox, i renamed it to avoid confusion of what was there, it will probably disappear as well.

    **Accurate Battery: eb01_6lockscreens_beta2.zip (updated: 4/11)
    **Stock Battery (no %):eb01_6lockscreens_stockbatt_beta2.zip (updated: 4/5)

    **AOSP answer: eb01_aospanswer.zip ***replaces Phone.apk***

    Credits: dhoard - long press fix
    WhiteHawkXx - for the Vibrant 5 lock source.
    s0niqu3 - For the hide am/pm mod in the settings menu (edited by me to include hide clock)
    ihtfp69 - rotary lock music controls on Sense
    JsChiSurf - Got idea for CM lock app from his port to the EVO
    Me - for the acc battery/Power Options and dedicating too much time for this mod
    OMJ - custom TSM button for 4 lock
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