Mobile Network Access Problem Pt. 2

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    I am running an HTC Incredible on Verizon. Recently, a hard reset caused me to lose access to mobile network. The problem, as best as I can tell, is that my MDN (mobile directory number) is set incorrectly in the phone. I have gone around and around with tech support to no avail, as well as followed the instructions in this thread:

    My problem appears after dialing ##program or ##778 and going into the NAM settings. At first, every number listed in the NAM settings was incorrect, so I went about changing everything I could. This got back all normal phone operations that had been lost after the hard reset except mobile network access. Under the MDN entry, the number is still incorrect, but the option to change it is not present (All the other entries have an edit icon next to them, and respond when tapped. This one does not). I am under the impression that if I can change the MDN to the proper phone number, my phone will regain the ability to access mobile network. Any ideas on how this can be accomplished, or any other thoughts?

    Please be patient with me if more info is needed. Without mobile network, I am stuck looking for wifi in a fairly wifi poor area...
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