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    As posted on the CM forums: http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/9632-theme-systemgt-and-systemst-metamorph/

    In this thread you'll find my System_ themes. All icons in this pack are original, as they've been created by yours truly. About 50% of the notifications bar has been kanged from the NexDEEP theme for SystemGT. I say 50% because some of it has been tweaked slightly.

    I don't have anything against the stock Android UI, but I did feel it could use some tweaks. I wanted to stuff more icons up top so I created the set below.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    That idea failed, but I still ended up with cool new icons. I needed something to supplement them, so I called upon the NexDeep theme because I liked the texture. Why recreate something that's already been done? After all, I wasn't originally planning on distributing this. There was a request to see more, so I was convinced to share.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There isn't much more to show, because just about everything else is just minor changes. Consider this more like the black bar mod, on steroids.

    Well, without further ado, here's the new SystemGT link: SystemGT.zip
    And for you stockers who want a little more flavor, SystemST: SystemST.zip

    What this does:
    Gives you custom system icons (They act like switches. SystemGT: white=on, gray=off, SystemST: black=on, gray=off)
    Round battery tweak
    Transparent scrollbars
    Stock color Power Widget (optional)

    Download MetaMorph from the Market (optionally use NinjaMorph)
    Download File onto your SD Card and open it from MetaMorph
    Choose your options (framework is the one you want, settings is optional)
    Apply theme
    Reapply wallpaper image

    The following is only necessary if no "black bar themes" have yet been applied (SystemGT only)
    Go into CyanogenMod settings and change desired text colors to opaque white (#FFFFFFFF)
    Enable display of battery percentage (if not already ticked, optional)
    Change color of Notification Power widget indicator to #FF00BB00 (CM6.1.x, optional)


    Notes: This failed for me on CM6.1 RC1 but worked again in RC3. I've never loaded RC2. Also worked in Nightly #160, CM5.x, CM6.0.x.

    Can work with other themes if user is knowledgeable in tweaking XML files (for text colors). I'm also not a real dev, so I wouldn't know how to support your ROM if you've made prior tweaks.

    PS The SystemST screenshot is an old one back when I had stock FroYo, before CM6 was out.

    Please, if you do decide to use my icons to pack into other themes, at least give me credit. It's all I ask. Thanks.