MM Battery Colors

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    I created a new battery with several colors. Blue, Green, Pink, Red, Purple, and Uncolored (Grey). These are all in the form of MetaMorph.

    1. Simply unzip the main .zip file.
    2. Inside the main .zip folder are the individual battery folders for MM.
    3. Copy whichever lilc_XXX_battery color folder you like onto the SD Card, and paste inside the Android Themes folder.
    4. Open MetaMorph and chose "Existing Theme"
    5. Choose the lilc_XXX_battery
    6. Install framework-res
    7. Enjoy

    Note: I have only tested this on 2.0.1 DroidMod1.0......Not tested on any 2.1 ROMS yet.

    As with anything else ever posted here...I hold no responsiblity for any damages this may cause. But I've put each one on my phone and several other phones without any problems. If anyone wants a special color just let me know. The examples are without the numbers. I used white numbers going from top to bottom inside the battery itself. Also the examples were just pasted together. The real images are much sharper and nicer. I hope everyone likes them. Feedback of any nature is welcomed.