Mixzing problems after MM install

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    Edit: I actually reinstalled the original ROM and followed the correct uninstall procedures this time. I now have it working correctly!!! Yay

    I borked up my mixzing installation after I installed DarkDroid Special Edition 10k/24k from Alldroid. I really like this theme which is an update.zip as well as a MetaMorph theme install. My Mixzing now is not included as an application in the drawer, Mixzing shows up as being installed in the Market but the open and uninstall at the bottom of the market page is greyed out. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall to no avail using astro after finding the Mixzing apk. Can anyone help and be gentle since basically I am a rookie at best using tools within the Android system.
    DarkDroid-SpecialEdition 10k/24k
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