Missing contact picture fix, using picasa.

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    There are a few ways to add a picture to contacts who are missing one.

    You can ask to take their picture. Quick, but generally awkward, and you don't always get a good picture.

    Sync with facebook. Doesn't always work, and some people aren't on facebook. (Amazing, I know. But true.)

    You can use Androidify, and put a doodle instead of a real picture. It works, but is not really satisfying.

    OR, for someone like a family member or a friend, whom you meet on a regular basis on social occasions, you probably have at least a few photos on your computer. If you use Picasa to organize and edit your photos, you know you can tag pictures with the names of your Google contacts. You may even know that you can upload your pictures online into "Web Folders."

    But did you know you can also pick your google contact thumbnail pictures from picasa directly, without uploading pictures to the web? Just open picasa, pick a good picture of a contact, tag it, and right click on it and select "use as google contact thumbnail" and you'll be all set. It's been quite useful for adding contact pictures for some older relatives.
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