Missing apps/live wallpapers from the D2 R2D2 rom dump?

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    So, I was watching an unboxing video of the D2 R2-D2

    & noticed that an app "The Best of R2D2" was listed. I found it odd because, the MyDroidWorld ROM dump did not have this app. I did some more research and found that it's also missing 2 live wallpapers. So, to recap:

    Missing Applications

    The Best of R2D2
    A launcher for the exclusive video

    Missing Live Wallpapers

    3D Millennium Falcon
    "Touch the screen and watch the
    Millennium Falcon fly thru the
    asteroid field"

    The Empire Strikes Back
    "Tap your screen to view the
    greatest moments from Star Wars:
    Episode V"

    I don't mean for this to sound like I'm not grateful for the rom dump (I now get to have some of the exclusive stuff on my regular Droid 2), I just wanted to point out that some things were missing.
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