Mini rant about phone comparison threads...."Which is better?"

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by nerdslogic, Dec 8, 2011.

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    I hate talking phone comparisons on which is better. I really do. It is this big fighter over people trying to justify their personal preference and trying to get others to either cosign or conform. Sad thing....I found myself doing this...a lot....then today I talked with a high school friend and his father...who was asking a lot of questions about quite a few phones....and it made me have a honest moment with myself....thought it might be a good revelation to share.

    Let's be honest....if you say the Bionic is a crappy phone you are wrong. If you say the Razr is a crappy phone you are wrong. If you say the Galaxy Nexus is crappy....wrong.....HTC Rezound crappy...wrong....If you say iphone is crappy you are ignorant....catch my drift? All of these phones are worthy of attention and each one of these is someone's "best phone". That is what I view as reality.

    Iphone is not my flavor. I do believe they are wonderful phones....but different strokes for different folks....I am 34...have 2 kids...and don't need someone telling me what I can and can't do on my phone.

    GN I am sure will be amazing....if for no other reasons than the Dev support will be phenomenal due to unlocked bootloader and It will be getting updates like Nexus's do....while keeps it cutting edge. Unlike the other phones on the market it is VERY hard to out date a Nexus. Traditionally at least....I am sure VZW will do their best to change that.

    Razr - Bionic.... tomato - tomahto....seriously. They are both good. The Razr happened to suit me better, does that mean it will suit you better? NO!

    Point being....instead of trying to talk one another into devices....why don't we just say "I think this is better because of these pro's" and leave it at that....why must we insist on degrading another device to prove our points?

    I absolutely love Android....LOVE IT!....but you know what....after putting my sister through 4 devices I tried an iphone....that was 2 years ago and she is in heaven...she had a horrible experience with Android. Exact opposite for me....but it proves my point.

    You want to help someone decide....list your pro's....leave out the con's.....and encourage them to go and play with one....THAT will help them decide.
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    I agree with this post so much. I hate how everyone knocks everyone elses phone and says theirs is the best. There is no BEST PHONE! It's all a personal preference. Like my friends like the Iphone 4s the best but it is not my cup of tea. It's all up to you! Go to the verizon store, play with all of the phones and pick the one that suits you best.

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    Yes those threads get tiresome, but I try to stay as fair as possible when it comes to giving an opinion. I really believe the main point of those threads is for people to see why others chose their phones or have their opinions on other phones. Everytime I reply in those threads I always tell the TS to head to the store and try them out for themselves. Lately this whole Razr/Bionic/Rezound vs Nexus threads are getting tiresome though, Nexus isn't even out yet, how can we even give an opinion other than "wait til it comes out"....

    There's no such thing as the "better phone". Android is across many different phones for a reason, if it wasn't we'd just be like all the iPhone people