Deal Alert MINI ONE TV Box $37.10 & COOWELL V11 TV Box $34.25

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    You can witness scenes in a vivid color contrast and clarity with the 4K Ultra HD that MINI ONE TV Box gives you. It is in a portable design so you can take it anywhere. Equipped with Quad-Core Rockchip RK3229 CPU, it allows you to multitask smoothly without consuming too much power. It utilizes 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM so that it provides not only large capacity, but also enable faster data reading speed. The operating system is Android 6.0 so you can also get your favorite apps from the Google Play. MINI ONE TV Box is now on sale, go to FastTech and buy it before it’s too late!


    COOWELL V11 TV Box is packed with Quad-Core Rockchip RK3229 CPU thus there will be no more stuck while watching HD movies. It supports multitasking smoothly and larger space to store your favorite apps and videos by having memory combination of 2GB RAM and 8GB ROM. The operating system is Android 5.1 so there are more interesting apps for you to download. Limited time promotion only, available now at FastTech.
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