Milestone 2/Droid 2 problem after flex change

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    Hello All!

    Im new here and i need some help here.

    I got an Milestone 2 ( droid 2) with damaged Flex ( main one, from screen to main board). I got an repalcement, and folowing instructions replaced it. After first turn-on, all was working fine, exsept loudspeaker. I takde it apart again to see if there is some hardware fault or something. All seemd good.

    After second turn-on, when i pluged in a USB cable my screen went crazy - random app open, notification bar puled up and down, as well as home and return touch botons are not working and in some areas it registers an double-touch ( two things with one touch)

    Could it bee that replacement part was faulty??

    And maybe someone can explane in what way the loudspeaker gets audio signal from mainboard???

    P.S. Flashed it to CM 10. ( ICS 4.1.2 ). OS working OK.
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