MicroUsb pins broke; rooted, out of warranty

Discussion in 'Motorola Droid' started by wigout, Mar 4, 2011.

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    From another thread: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/tech-issues-bug-reports-suggestions/21468-microusb-port-broke.html

    (I have started this as a new thread, as the other was quite old)

    A similar thing happened to me.

    I was trying to put the phone on the charger and it was difficult. I looked inside and one of the pins has been pushed inside of the phone. That is four pins are there looking not quite perfectly uniform/lined up and one is gone.

    I purchased my droid in November 09, so I don't think any warranty stands on it. I don't have insurance.

    I was wondering whether your phone was out of warranty or what exactly you went through to get it returned.

    To complicate matters, my droid is rooted using this method:
    Root Droid 1 - regardless of OS version

    When I try to plug in the usb cable anyway, the droid immediately power cycles and keeps power cycling.

    My wife has a droid so I am able to alternately charge my battery with her phone, but that's kind of limiting. I'd rather not live with that.

    Here's another broken microusb thread where someone had it rooted:Need to set my phone back to stock without using the usb cable

    They wanted to return to stock and gave up- eventually microwaving their phone. They had insurance, which again I lack.

    So: how to unroot without a usb cable? Should I unroot? (my feeling is I should if there's a chance I can get it swapped)

    And what's my chances of getting the broken microusb phone exchanged for a refurbished phone since I'm out of warranty?

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    Getting them to replace a Device that is almost 16 months old....Highly Doubtful.
    You might get them to allow you to buy a CLN one for cheap...
  3. geoff5093

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    I returned a rooted D1 that was damaged to Verizon over the summer and never heard from them.
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