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    Hey all,

    I have(had) the Casio Commando G'zone...which is a Droid, right? Anyways, the selling point for this phone is that it is technically indestructible as far as smart phones go, I would agree. I had insurance on the phone and managed to go through the yearly allotment of 2 phones. The final phone I am able to receive through the insurance program, now, doesn't work. Well, it works completely fine, but the microphone doesn't work bc ppl cannot hear me in conversations. It messages, emails, films, photographs, etc. To me, it seems like a true manufacture defect. I called the insurance co. w my back up (Droid Flip) and they agreed that the phone was still under it's 90 day manufacture warranty. The lady asked if it has been dropped or wet. I responded that it has visible wear and tear, but nothing is cracked or gauged. And yes, it has been wet...not submerged in water, but wet, yes. The phone is advertised to handle everything I put it through. She said that I had to re-activated the phone and call back with a different number so they can trouble shoot the phone. I don't see how dropping the phone will dislodge wiring or connections unless there is some sort of defect.

    What y'all think? Can I just bring it to an electronic repair shop? If so where?


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