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Discussion in 'UltimateDroid' started by Tsip85, Oct 15, 2010.

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    First want to say that I LOVE this ROM. Everything has been working smoothly on my end!

    I have a MetaMorph battery icon that I had installed and then I went back and added some things to my original Framework.apk and re-pushed it. So, I'd like to use MetaMorph again to change my battery icon. But when MetaMorph runs it's check, it says I don't have enough space on my /system partition. Says I need at least 5MB of space and suggests that I free some up. I went in Root Explorer and see that I have used 136.9MB and only have 3.45MB free in the /system partition. How can I free up some space in there? What's taking up so much? Is there anything in there that I could delete without messing up the appearence/performance that I have now?
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