Messed my X up... Any help?

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    I installed the gingerbread leak (worked fine)
    Installed (worked fine)

    At this point i became pro and...
    Backed up the phone (can see the backup on my sd card in file clockworkmod/backup)
    Installed & the
    ... Have been downgraded to a M logo paperweight/mini sd card holster

    Device shows as- S Flash OMAP3630 MI

    Bootable to-

    Battery OK
    Ok to Program
    Transfer Mode:
    Android system recovery <3e>
    Android system recovery utility
    reboot system now
    apply update from sdcard
    wipe data/factory reset (done this)
    wipe cache partition (done this)

    I installed the gingerbread leak (worked fine)
    Installed (worked fine)

    I have downloaded a few SBF files including
    VRZ_MB810_2.3.34_1FF_01.sbf (downloaded a few older ones as well)
    RSD Lite 4.9
    RSD Lite 4.8 (E: Signature verification fails with this and previous installed things)

    In Rsd lite My phone shows up but when i select the file it doesnt show file details
    fails if i hit start

    My girlfriend also has the same phone running the new gingerbread leak fine if i need to use her phone or SD card for anything i can

    My os is windows 7 64bit
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