Messaging error = phantom texts

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    I was in my text messaging window, noticing that I had just received a text from Friend A. Suddenly, My notification says that I also received one from Friend B. I was able to read Friend A's text as I was in the window already seeing it. The other one, from Friend B, was nowhere to be found.

    I went back to my homescreen and the notification showed that I had one unread message. I pulled down the top screen to see iit, and was able to see that there was in fact a message for me to read. I tried to click on it and when I did, it forced the quit while showing a draft of a completely unwritten text to no one in particular.

    I tried to Force Quit in the task manager, as well as clear cache and whatnot. I restarted the phone, and after the phone was prepared, it showed that I still had a notification. Clicking it proved otherwise.

    Where is this phantom message.
    How do I clear it so that it doesn't constantly say I have an unread message?

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