menory card unexpectedly removed :(

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    I just received a replacement Droid incredible in the mail from Verizon and ever since I have had the new phone I keep getting a error message saying my memory card was unexpectedly removed it will recognize it for about 30 seconds when i first put it in then i get the error message. I took it to the verizon store and they told me my memory card was bad is that true? Is there anyway I can get my pictures off of the card? They also told me they dont cover memory cards under warranty that I would have to contact sandisk directly and deal with them I have never heard of that before i have always had my memory cards replaced in the store. I have only had this phone a few weeks :( also I put a old memory card in my phone and it seems to be working fine so I decided to transfer the pictures on that card to my computer so i wouldn't lose them too and I can only find about 60 pictures out of 300 I don't understand what I'm doing wrong :(

    I appreciate any advice... its been a extremely frustrating day :(
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