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    DroidForums Staff Banning Guidelines

    It has been brought to our attention that perhaps it is time to set some guidelines in place, as far as how discipline is distributed, just so that we have a standard as to how we deal with each situation.

    We here @ have decided that it would be BEST to handle offensive posts/people/etc. as follows: is going to implement a “Three Strike” policy.

    The First time someone steps out of line, we will issue a WARNING via PM if it is nothing too serious.

    Strike One: After that, or if it is a very serious offense, Strike one is a 7 day temporary ban WITH a PM telling that person why they received that ban.

    Strike Two: The Second would be a 30 day ban with another PM telling them that this is their final vacation and that any further offenses would be followed with

    Strike Three: which would THEN be a Permanent Ban.

    The ONLY exceptions to this rule would be porn or spam posts. These will receive a Permanent Ban Immediately retains the right to modify the 3 Strike Policy as needed to keep
    DroidForums a safe, friendly and family oriented place for our members.

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