Meganoid hits the big 300 levels!

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    We did it! Meganoid hits the big 300 level mark with it’s final BIG update. Can you complete the full 100% of the game? Survive the Hero, Sarge and Oreah levels? grab all the star-awards and achievements?

    We now also released a “premium” version of Meganoid on the Android market. This is a paid version without advertising and comes with a nice “level skip” option not available in the free version.

    For those being stuck on a single level, this update comes with a much (like, extremely often) requested “level skip”. Allowing you to skip the last unlocked level and continue your path to the end of the game.

    Android market link:
    Premium version -
    Free version -

    WARNING : this game is (still) not easy!

    end of hype-text-press-release-thingie!

    Screenshots and videos available at:
    More game information:

    Oh, and just in case you forgot all about Meganoid, here are some quotes from the press about Meganoid so far:

    “Great challenges and amazing nostalgia make this game a fun packed platform skirmish, cool music and a pixelated frenzy you can’t afford to miss”

    “Meganoid really is a slick action title. It achieves some nostalgia and it is pretty fun to kill a few minutes each day.”

    “If nothing else, Meganoid proves there’s nothing wrong with an old-school-style game when care is taken to make it both challenging and fun.”

    “For those of you that grew up on the Nintendo like I did, this game is for you”