"media scanner on my samsung galaxy tablet"

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    I have a question for the Forum,

    When I boot up my Samsung 7" Galaxy Tab, media scanner reuns the 1st time to scan my tablet then a 2nd time to scan my media card, this is when the trouble starts:

    The MEDIA SCANNER will say "SCANNING MEDIA 0" and it will just stay at that & it WILL NOT start the media scanner, I then have to re-boot my Tablet again, sometimes up to 3 times or more and THEN the media scanner will finally scan my media files after re-booting my Tablet several times or more!

    Has anyone else had this issue or heard of this happening?

    Could this be because I have a HUGE amount of VIDEOS, PICTURES and MUSIC FILES on my media card?

    If anyone knows of why this is happening or has a solution or suggestion, could you please contact me! This media scanning problem is very annoying becasue we all know that untill medai scanner does it's scan, you can not access your music, pictures or video files and re-booting over and over anover is getting very old!

    dancedroidTHANK YOU very much!


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