MD5 Sum Auto Checks If Your Rom Files Downloaded Completely!

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    If you are a flashaholic you know just how important it is to be sure that your Rom files are complete. If your download timesout before it is finished you can end up flashing an incomplete file. Doing so is likely to render your phone completely useless. Most developers add MD5 files so you can be sure that the file you have chosen to flash is complete.

    Checking the MD5 sum can be a painful process. There is now a tool which allows you to auto check the MD5 sum before flashing your rom or mod file. With the tool you simply copy the md5 sun to your clipboard before downloading, when the download is finished you are prompted to compare values. If you press yes the tasker will calculate the md5 sum and you are all set to flash! Head to the link below for full information and downloads.

    via XDA