Maverick Offline GPS program - map loading question

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    For the Maverick users out there...

    The instructions say to use Mobile Atlast to create maps, which creates this folder structure:

    MyHongKong\Google Maps\x\x\x.png.tile

    The Maverick instructions say to put the maps in this directory:

    Is this the final result?
    /sdcard/maverick/tiles/googlemaps/MyHongKong/Google Maps/x/x/x.png.tile

    where the bold is the default Maverick directory structure, and the italics is what I add?

    Or do I have to take the contents of "Google Maps" and put it in "MyHongKong" directly? I'm trying to match up the "0" in the instructions with what I think they should contain, and it's not quite making sense to me.

    My second question is how to make the application load the maps to make sure they work prior to me going to my destination. Do I have to know which map folder contains the map for my current location? Exactly which menu option is the map loading button? I couldn't find it. Right now, when I turn on the unit, it loads a global map, with my GPS location marked. If I zoom in, there's no tiles for that zoom level and it's just blank. If there's a more detailed instruction manual, let me know.

    Sorry for being so needly! It's just not obvious to me.

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