Massive Moto 360 Leak Reveals Battery Life, IP67 Cert, Wireless Charger & More

Discussion in 'Android News' started by dgstorm, Aug 6, 2014.

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    Let's see, IP67 standard, Check.
    Stainless Steel, Check.
    Up to 4 day battery, Check.

    I'm buying this right when it comes out.
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    At this point there's NO WAY there will be an Aug 20th release or even an unveiling for the 360 at best we might start seeing cryptic advertisements next week.

    I figure it this way... If you're having a big device announcement/unvieling and you want more than 5 people in attendance, you'd better send the press invites AT LEAST 2 weeks prior. Remember, PROFESSIONAL press, bloggers, and site reporters need time to book flights, and at the very least, overnight accommodations if they're coming from overseas. Most times it's 3-4 weeks ahead of an announcement they'll send out press invitations, "Come joins us... blah...blah...blah".

    So, it's safe to say that at the very earliest it can be on sale is 30 days from tomorrow. And if you don't hear about Motorola sending out invites for a press conference tomorrow then it'll be 30 days from the day after that, and so on, until we finally get an actual unveiling date. We haven't even seen any cryptic buzz generating ads yet.

    Like the Moto X, for example. On july 8th weird ads started popping up in magazines and online. Remember this?


    The announcement invitation was sent to the press the following week on July 18th in 2013 asking them to attend an event on August 1st. At the August 1st event they publicly announced/unveiled the Moto X, and said it would be on available for purchase on August 13th.

    The time to get excited will be when Moto officially starts rolling out mysterious and cryptic "buzz" advertisements. THEN you know you're about a 45 days away from having it in your hands.

    I'll make this prediction. The rumors so far have been pretty adamant about a release in September and not October. So if we're going to see a late September release date the time for the buzz is now. Hear me now, believe me later. We have to see a cryptic buzz generating ad by the end of next week...

    ...and I bet we will
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    Dusty, I think that ad would be the perfect pre-ad for the X + 1 (can you see the X and 1 in the ad?), just replace Google with Lenovo, and the work is done.
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