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Discussion in 'Motorola Droid X' started by Desicrator, May 31, 2011.

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    I might not be a Dev or have anything in the market, but when I see reviews that people leave it just pisses me off. It's like they just went through and downloaded ones with pretty pictures, with out even reading the titles.

    Is Google or anyone working on a policy to fix who they let review these things.
    something to prove they know what they are doing at all. If you are unaware of what I am talking about open up any app in the market and go through reviews people have written, about that app. Bonus points if you look at one having to do with rooting or anything advanced. It amazes me no one reviews on the content of the app.

    I also love how much the DEV has to try to get the attention of the purchaser by saying it is rooted users only in NEON letters.

    "" by Teo.– May 30, 2011
    Don't ware you money on this app. There it's nothing special that the phone can not do..i hope can have money back.""
    -regarding Jrummys RootTools
    [Copy and pasted that was not my bad grammar]

    "Wouldn't even open on my Sidekick 4g
    by Derrick– May 29, 2011"

    " by Andrew– May 29, 2011
    Asked for refund. One star until given. Didnt want the app and developer hasnt emailed back."

    [Ok, So how did you get the App then, Bro]

    These are some good ones I found in a single scroll in the market, Is there a way to fix this? Has Google said anything about it? Do devs and Google just have to hold people's hands through the process and only let people download if their hardware matches through a software check, because apparently a lot of people need their hands held through this whole downloading the correct apps in the market thing.